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Krupa Patel is an aspiring architect who is on her way to obtaining an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Architecture. She has studied persistently at Pratt Institute, a NCARB accredited school, for nearly 5 years. Krupa is eager to expand her professional experience, as she excels in group environments and is well versed in many softwares and skills. After her second year, she began an internship with a high-end design company, De-Spec INC., located in Chelsea where she gained much professional experience in construction documents on renovations and new constructions, model making, rendering, and surveying an office renovation. She has also began recording NCARB hours from a project in collaboration with OPUS X LLC, which involved wind towers for a historic Italian town.

Before her endeavors in the architectural world, she enjoyed dancing in many genres and organizing charity arts showcases for many years. Krupa has volunteered in raising over $50,000 over five year beginning with a $1000 production budget each year. In addition to organizing the showcases, she has also collaborated in creating the logos for the organization that donated the funds to HDNP Nepal and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Krupa is interested in residential architecture, how architecture can influence the daily needs of a home in addition to how architecture can create the sense of home. However, she is highly interested in applying her skills and experience with different types of projects in school to the built world and Krupa believes she would be a valuable member involved in the processes.