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Inserting a garden space promenade for an Isamu Noguchi sculpture on the edge of Moma PS1, inspired by Steven Holl bike racks.


The project starts to exhibit how art can inform how the architecture behaves. The art or the Noguchi piece influenced the strategy of the architecture and how it is positioned.

The details create a passage that partially separates the space from the wall and the rest of the sidewalk, in addition to engaging ground and sky much like the trees on site. There is a tremendous amount of construction occurring around the site so by inserting a waterfall from the tops of the canopies blurs the noise of cars and jackhammers and make the details lively.

Along the arbor of details, the Noguchi piece rests on a new landscape inside of the existing garden which is across the main entry of the museum. It is tied to the details as another fragment to the whole.


Steven Holl Bike Stand Study

Bike Stand Manipulations

Molding Stand in Chocolate

This molding process led to the creation of the canopy for the walkway, where water falls from. 

Isamu Noguchi Sculpture "Floor Frame"